I have been trying to transfer file shares from a Server 2012 Essentials to a Server 2022 server.

I had success two days ago using the same exact set up and Storage Migration Service.

I tried it on a second client and continued to run into problems where it was stuck at the transfer portion and all it said was loading….

I went back to the first server I migrated the other day and I saw there was an update for the Storage Migration Service extension in Windows Admin Center.

I noticed the first server was now stuck at loading.

I didn’t think anything of it as it sometimes happens. You would think Microsoft would test their products and updates – they really don’t.

I finally figured out how to uninstall the WAC extension. You have to turn off automatic updates before you’ll see the option to uninstall an extension.

I reinstalled version 2.44.0 which was the default that came with this Windows Admin Center install package.

As soon as I downgraded the Storage Migration Service package, IT WORKS!

Everything I could find, which wasn’t much, ended up in “update the extension” and that fixed the problem.

I hope this helps someone from pulling their hair out.