I finally lost my Fenix PD35 flashlight that I’ve owned for a better part of a year.

It was small and light enough to fit in my pocket with a clip and not bother me. I never knew it was there. I kept the PD35 along with a Benchmade Bugout knife in my right pocket for everyday carry.

After losing the flashlight, I started looking to replace it. I couldn’t find the PD35 and found out it was discontinued. I browsed the Fenix website and came across the PD25. It’s brighter and has almost the same size/shape and weight of the PD35. The only difference to me is the button that changes the light strength.

I’ve noticed it’s hard to find if I’m trying to feel for it. I find it quick if I visibly look for it, but the old PD35 had a nice flat, rubbery texture to the button, and was easily reachable/found via touch. That’s my only gripe. Otherwise, the amount of power it gives out is excellent.