Microsoft 365 OWA Outlook can’t load shared calendars or shared calendars in OWA appear and disappear

I didn’t find much with my Google-Fu, but I found another issue related to accounts and put two and two together to fix my issue.

If you run into a problem with a Microsoft 365 Exchange Online account trying to access shared calendars in OWA, but the calendars appear and then disappear – as well as you can’t see the Shared calendars option under OWA (, Settings, Calendar (there should be Shared calendars here) and OR if you do have Shared calendars as an option, but when you click on it it says unable to load these settings – check the Accounts section under the OWA, Settings, Calendar section. There might be a Microsoft account, which will be a non-work/school account, aka account, or an older email address that is probably the same as your work/school account. Remove it from the Account section.

Second, I highly recommend changing the Microsoft account’s sign-in username from [email protected], which is probably your Microsoft 365 work/school username, to [email protected]. You can do this via by logging in to your Microsoft account (non-work/school account) and updating the settings there.

Microsoft’s Storage Migration Service stuck on loading

I have been trying to transfer file shares from a Server 2012 Essentials to a Server 2022 server.

I had success two days ago using the same exact set up and Storage Migration Service.

I tried it on a second client and continued to run into problems where it was stuck at the transfer portion and all it said was loading….

I went back to the first server I migrated the other day and I saw there was an update for the Storage Migration Service extension in Windows Admin Center.

I noticed the first server was now stuck at loading.

I didn’t think anything of it as it sometimes happens. You would think Microsoft would test their products and updates – they really don’t.

I finally figured out how to uninstall the WAC extension. You have to turn off automatic updates before you’ll see the option to uninstall an extension.

I reinstalled version 2.44.0 which was the default that came with this Windows Admin Center install package.

As soon as I downgraded the Storage Migration Service package, IT WORKS!

Everything I could find, which wasn’t much, ended up in “update the extension” and that fixed the problem.

I hope this helps someone from pulling their hair out.